Makeup is hard

So there I was, casually scrolling through Pinterest whilst getting ready, when a beautiful eyeliner look appeared on the screen. It was one of the ‘double’ liner looks, when the subject adds another row of liner in an exciting colour above the obligatory black. So, without a care in the world I gave it a go.

I didn’t look up technique, products or anything, I just put on my Soap and Glory Supercat liner, dipped a Real Techniques accent brush in a bronze shadow (it was all I had with any pigment) and had a go. I quickly realised that a makeup artist would probably do a really think line in the coloured liner, then do black over the top, but alas, it was too late.

Naturally the eyeshadow had dropped onto the black liner do I had to go over over it. Repeatedly. As you can imagine, I had to use a few layers of shadow to create a line visible to the naked eye, and repeatedly going over black liquid liner with more black liquid liner, is NOT a good way to get an nice crisp line.

It was a fail guys. Luckily I work in soft lighting so it won’t show up. If you have any tips (or know of any tutorials that go through this technique, please comment below, and, as always, please excuse my monstrous forehead.



Ok, it looks far less messy in the pic. Imagine that it was like that in real life (it wasn’t).

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