About Us

AcademyOfNailSkinAndHair.com is a website made specifically for people who are interested in learning more about fashion in its many forms. We specialize in providing information about nails, skin, and hair, but not only that. We also cover other topics in cosmetics, clothing, and general fashion trends.

About the Creator

I’m Virginia Allenby, and I’ve been a fashion writer for almost two decades. With the help of some of my former co-workers, we crafted this site to offer our opinions about what looks good and what doesn’t. Our articles are written by fashion experts who have the authority to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to style.

We Want to Help People Feel Good by Looking Great

Knowing how to dress and develop your own style is a beautiful thing. It gives you confidence and helps you feel good about yourself around other people. At AcademyOfNailSkinAndHair.com, we encourage people to wear what they really want to wear, but getting tips and ideas always helps to narrow down the options.