NOTD: Barry M Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo, Barry MThis is one of my all time favourite nail polishes and I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about it yet.
A beautiful creamy pink-coral that can look almost neon in some lights, this is possibly also my favourite colour of all time too.
I love everything about this polish, including the name. I have a bit of a thing for flamingos, you see. I love them! Anything flamingo related, named or coloured gets a big thumbs up from me (I blame John Waters)

Barry M polishes are some of the absolute best out there in terms of formula, wear and range of colours available and they retail at only $2.99 a bottle.

This polish has a great consistency, neither too thin nor too thick and is opaque in two coats. It is also intensely glossy – these photographs were taken without a topcoat.

Pink Flamingo, Barry M

I usually get 3-4 days wear without chipping with Pink Flamingo and almost all Barry M polishes.
I have chosen this colour for my manicure as I am off on a little break this weekend with my family and I need a polish I know will last over a long weekend without chipping or tip wear. Although it looks as though this weekend is going to be a wet one, I’m very much in the holiday spirit!

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Currently Wearing

Make Up: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B20, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (light medium) Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Illusoire, YSL Effet Faux Cils Mascara, Daniel Sandler Waterblush ‘Cherub’, Nars Deep Throat Blush, MAC Angel Lipstick

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B20
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B20

Manicure: Chanel Paradoxal. I am still so in love with this over a year after it was released. A dusky grey/lilac/mauve shot through with subtle iridescent shimmer. It’s so beautiful and a possible all time favourite. I won’t even comment on longevity. Chanel aren’t exactly famous for their awesome nail polish formula, are they? Doesn’t stop me obsessing over them/hoarding them. Enough said.

Chanel Paradoxal
Chanel Paradoxal

Pedicure: NARS Jungle Red. One of my favourite red lipsticks is NARS’ Jungle Red, so I just had to have the matching nail polish. A deep, blood red this just compliments my skintone perfectly (much like the lipstick) It is incredibly glossy and holds up well as a pedicure with no chipping.

NARS Jungle Red
NARS Jungle Red

Perfume: Chopard Wish. I’ve had this for so long now, I was worried it may have gone off, but thankfully due to being kept in a dark drawer away from light and heat this perfume is still as lovely. Said to be a warm blend of vanilla, chocolate and caramel with patchouli and amber in the past comparisons have been drawn to Thierry Mugler Angel. I personally can see similarities in the notes, but I detest Angel and the mere smell of it causes headaches and nausea (seriously) yet I love this. It is softer, more ‘girly’ and less cloying than Angel. The bottle is so gorgeous too.

Chopard Wish
Chopard Wish

Are you currently wearing and loving?

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Makeup is hard

So there I was, casually scrolling through Pinterest whilst getting ready, when a beautiful eyeliner look appeared on the screen. It was one of the ‘double’ liner looks, when the subject adds another row of liner in an exciting colour above the obligatory black. So, without a care in the world I gave it a go.

I didn’t look up technique, products or anything, I just put on my Soap and Glory Supercat liner, dipped a Real Techniques accent brush in a bronze shadow (it was all I had with any pigment) and had a go. I quickly realised that a makeup artist would probably do a really think line in the coloured liner, then do black over the top, but alas, it was too late.

Naturally the eyeshadow had dropped onto the black liner do I had to go over over it. Repeatedly. As you can imagine, I had to use a few layers of shadow to create a line visible to the naked eye, and repeatedly going over black liquid liner with more black liquid liner, is NOT a good way to get an nice crisp line.

It was a fail guys. Luckily I work in soft lighting so it won’t show up. If you have any tips (or know of any tutorials that go through this technique, please comment below, and, as always, please excuse my monstrous forehead.



Ok, it looks far less messy in the pic. Imagine that it was like that in real life (it wasn’t).

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The Perfect Nude(ish) Lip (finally)

At some point in time, many moons, ago, someone decided that nude lips were a good idea. By nude, they meant beige. They achieved this by using concealer on their lips as either a base or a stand-alone product. This look pops back into fashion every once in a while (usually to accompany a smokey eye or ’60s graphic eyeliner look) and it used to fill me with fear, even though it tends to be much more toned down now. I have dark lips like a vampire. It’s no fun because the majority of lipsticks don’t show up properly on my lips AND (and this is worse) a dramatic eye look can make me look a bit…transvestite-y. Not that I have anything against transvestites (they go to more effort than the rest of us), but I’m a girl. I want to look like one.

Applying LipstickI wish I could be a wearer of shades like Creme Cup or Hue, but they make me look a bit rabid. You know how you can get that white line on the inside of your lips from lipgloss? I get that from nude lipsticks. It looks pretty sexy, let me tell you. Now, don’t worry, for this story has a happy ending. I found my perfect nude, and in a rather unexpected place. I bought, on Tanya Burr’s recommendation, Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Pink Brown. It’s nude but a bit darker, without actually being brown. Awesome. I thought would be the closest I’d get to the perfect nude lip for me, because it was a pretty good – my only issues were that it was a bit chalky/matte and made me look a bit ashy (and by ashy, I mean dead. I love being pale).

I watched a video (can’t remember which one, they’re hundreds) which featured NYX’s Beige lipgloss and always thought hmm, that looks nice, but only got round to purchasing it the other week. One of the most popular comments people made on the gloss were asking why it was called beige when in fact, it’s pink.

NYX's Beige lipgloss


It’s because NYX made it especially for me. Yes, it looks beige-y on me. Not beige beige (if that makes any sense) but beige enough for me to realise why they called it beige. I’ve said beige a lot. Beige. On top of Pink Brown, it’s my perfect pinky nude. It’s much darker than, creme cup, say but it does what a nude lip was designed for, i.e. make your lips look very natural and not try to out-compete your eyes.

make your lips look very natural


On the subject of trends, I have a worry. 60s make up’s lovely, ’40s and ’50s makeup is divine, ’80s makeup is ok if it’s toned down a little, but can we please leave 90s makeup where it is? I don’t mind a bit of heavy natural, but we don’t want a return to baby-pink-lipstick-with-maroon-lipliner.

And on that horrific note, laters.

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